Patrol Box Contents

Packing List

Climate: Mild or Coastal
Season: Winter
Duration: 1 to 2 Nights

This list includes the minimum items that should be in a patrol box for preparing patrol meals. It will also include a set of condiments, but you need to be careful they don't stay there too long! This list assumes that each patrol member brings their own personal gear.


_______  Patrol Duty Roster - For assigning cooking and cleanup duties.

Cooking Equipment

_______  Can Opener
_______  Coffee Pot - Can also be used for heating drinking water.
_______  Cooking Pots Set - Includes at least a large & medium pot
_______  Cutting Board
_______  Dutch Oven *
_______  Fork (Large)
_______  Frying Pan
_______  Griddle - For use on 2 burner stove
_______  Kitcthen Knives - Set of 2 or 3 knives of various sizes.
_______  Ladle
_______  Pitcher - For mixing drinks
_______  Pot Holders/Mittens
_______  Spatula - Plastic if fry pan is a non-stick variety.
_______  Spoon - Large Serving style
_______  Stove (2 burner Propane)
_______  Vegetable Peeler

Staple Items

_______  Flour
_______  Hot Cocoa
_______  Kool-Aid
_______  Spices for cooking - Salt, Pepper, Onion Powder, Cinnamon, etc.
_______  Sugar
_______  Vegatable Oil


_______  Aluminum Foil
_______  Charcoal - For Dutch Ovens *
_______  Duct Tape - For equipment repair. *
_______  Garbage Bags (Roll or box)
_______  Matches - Kitchen matches, store in ziplock bag.
_______  Notebook & Pen/Pencil - Used for writing down instructions, ad-hoc lists, etc. *
_______  Paper Plates, Bowls, Cups - For those meals that need to be cleaned up fast. *
_______  Paper Towel
_______  Plastic Utensils - In case someone forgets their own. *
_______  Toilet Paper - Store in large zip lock bag, or waterproof container.
_______  Zip Lock™ Bags *

Cleaning Gear

_______  Bleach - (Screw-On Top)
_______  Dish Washing Soap - (Liquid, with a screw on top)
_______  Plastic Wash Basins - 3 required (Wash, Rinse, Bleach Rinse)
_______  Scouring Pads
_______  Sponge

* Optional Item

Please Note:  This is only a recommended minimum set of equipment based on the past experiences of many individuals. We do not guarantee that it is all inclusive or appropriate for the activities you are planning. The trip leader, and common sense should always dictate the equipment you actually pack.
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