Downhill Ski Trip

Packing List

Climate: Inland
Season: Winter
Duration: Day Trip

Equipment needed for a day of downhill skiing.


_______  Lift Ticket - Attach to the lower zipper (so it does not flap in your face) on the outer layer you will use all day. You can often buy them cheaper in the towns around the resort, or on the Internet.


_______  Change of Clothing - Leave in car so you can go home clean and dry. *
_______  Gloves (Liner) *
_______  Gloves/Mittens (Warm) - A spare set is a good idea.
_______  Hat (Knit) - Should cover entire head & neck apart from face.
_______  Jacket/Fleece - Warm jacket, or fleece layers with waterproof outer shell will work.
_______  Long Underwear (Mid Weight) - tops & bottoms, Wicking type.
_______  Pants (Long) - Nylon zipper pants work well. Stay away from jeans, no cotton.
_______  Scarf or Neck Warmer - Needed if knit hat does not cover neck. *
_______  Shirt (Long Sleeve) - Warm shirt that can be worn or not depending on changing temps.
_______  Ski Pants or Bibs - A layered approach with waterproof shell also works.
_______  Socks (Heavy) - Liner & Wool, or something like Smartwool work best. No Cotton! Bring an extra pair to give your feet a treat at lunch.


_______  Camera *
_______  Day Pack - Needed at larger resorts where lodge access is not close by. *
_______  First Aid Kit (Small) - With pain medicine.
_______  Flashlight - Just in case you find yourself stuck on the slopes after dark. It happens! *
_______  Goggles - Tight fitting sun glasses with UV protection & safety strap will also work. Some goggles are sized so prescription glasses can be worn under them. Make sure you get the right size.
_______  Hand warmer (chemical) - 2-4 packets, can also be used on cold feet. *
_______  Helmet - Can likely be rented with Skis. *
_______  Lip Balm - SPF 15 or higher
_______  Skis and Poles - Can likely be rented at resort.
_______  Sunscreen - SPF 30 or higher.
_______  Watch - Waterproof. Know when the lifts close, and when to meet up!

Personal Items

_______  Lunch *
_______  Money - Good for a hot lunch and fixing or replacing gear. *
_______  Prescription Medications *
_______  Snacks - Peanuts, raisins, energy bars, candy, cheese, jerky, etc. Put in pockets if not using a day pack.
_______  Tampons/sanitary napkins  (females only)  *
_______  Water Bottle - Drink lots of water, and avoid caffeine, especially at higher altitudes.

* Optional Item

If flying to the resort, try to bring on enough gear in your carry-on so you can still ski if your luggage is lost.

Please Note:  This is only a recommended minimum set of equipment based on the past experiences of many individuals. We do not guarantee that it is all inclusive or appropriate for the activities you are planning. The trip leader, and common sense should always dictate the equipment you actually pack.
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