Sea Base: Bahamas Adventure

Packing List

Climate: Mild or Coastal
Season: Summer
Duration: 6 Nights

This program takes place in Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco Island, Bahamas, a cluster of islands located due east of West Palm Beach, Florida. They are known as "The Family Islands." There are opportunities for snorkeling, sailing, and fishing. The smaller islands surrounding Great Abaco are called "cays" (pronounced "keys") and are known as one of the premier sailing destinations of the world.


_______  Birth Certificate - Certified Copy. Required if you do not have a passport. *
_______  Completed Medical Exam Forms - Turn into trip leader prior to trip.
_______  Copy of Insurance Card - Photocopy of front and back of insurance card.
_______  Notarized Parental Permission Note - A notarized note from their parents saying they give permission for their child to leave the country. Required if you do not have a passport. *
_______  Passport
_______  Photo Identification - Government Issued showing proof of age.
_______  Proof of Passport Application - Department of State official proof of passport application. Required if you do not have a passport. *


_______  Hat (Brim) - Wide brimmed best.
_______  Pants (Long) *
_______  Pants (Short) - 1 or 2 pair
_______  Rain Gear - Lightweight.
_______  Shirt (Long Sleeve) *
_______  Shirt (Short Sleeve, Wicking ) - Several.
_______  Shoes (lightweight) - Non Marking soles.
_______  Socks - 2-3 Pair.
_______  Swim Suit - Trunks for boys, one piece for girls.
_______  Uniform - 1 set, Class A or B.


_______  Camera - Waterproof if possible. *
_______  Cup *
_______  Duffle Bag - 24" duffel bag. No suitcases or frame backpacks can be used.
_______  Hammock - (With Bug net) *
_______  Jacket/Fleece *
_______  Pillow (Small)
_______  Sleeping Bag - Sheet & warm blanket will work as well.
_______  Sleeping Pad - Backpacking Type
_______  Snorkel Gear (Personal) *
_______  Sun Glasses - With Strap, Polarized are best.
_______  Towel (Large) - Pack 2.
_______  Water Bottle - Large mouth, with carabiner.

Personal Items

_______  Bonine - For seasickness.
_______  Gold Bond Powder - To prevent Chafing *
_______  Insect Repellent
_______  Money - $100-$150 *
_______  Prescription Medications *
_______  Skin So Soft Lotion *
_______  Sunscreen - 16 oz, Non-Oily, SPF 30 or better.
_______  Tampons/sanitary napkins  (females only)  *
_______  Toilet Kit

* Optional Item

* Make sure you can successfully pass the BSA Swim Test.
* Make sure your name is on the crew roster your leader is going to send.
* Save $15 cash for your departure tax. (USAir includes this in their ticket price)

Do not bring: Walkman/MP3 player, Fireworks, Skateboards
Please check for the latest details.

Please Note:  This is only a recommended minimum set of equipment based on the past experiences of many individuals. We do not guarantee that it is all inclusive or appropriate for the activities you are planning. The trip leader, and common sense should always dictate the equipment you actually pack.
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