Weekend Canoe Trip

Packing List

Climate: Desert
Season: Summer
Duration: 1 to 3 Nights

This list assumes that you are taking a mild weather multi day canoe trip that does not include any serious whitewater, and that you will be carrying all your camping gear with you on the river. Backpacking gear will be used.

Dry/Camp Clothes

_______  Hiking Boots - Optional depending on other activities, and camp location. *
_______  Pants (Long) - Nylon zipper pants work well.
_______  Pants (Short) - Not needed if long pants are nylon zipper pants.
_______  Shirt (Long Sleeve)
_______  Shirt (Short Sleeve, Wicking )
_______  Shoes (lightweight)
_______  Sleeping Clothes
_______  Socks
_______  Socks (Heavy) - Needed if bringing hiking boots. *
_______  Socks (Liner) - Needed if using wool heavy socks. *

Wet/Travel Clothes

_______  Hat (Brim)
_______  Personal Floatation Device (PFD) - Also known as lifevest.
_______  Rain Gear
_______  River Shirt - Long sleeve synthetic good for keeping sun off, short sleeve wicking style ok as well.
_______  River shoes - Sandals or water shoes.
_______  River Socks - Wool or neoprene, depending on foot covering. *
_______  River underwear - Synthetic, fast drying.
_______  River warm layer - Fleece or wool that will keep you warm when wet.
_______  Swim Suit - Trunks for boys, one piece for girls.


_______  Compass
_______  Cup
_______  Day Pack - For short hikes.
_______  Dry Bags
_______  Eating Utensils
_______  Emergency fire starter
_______  Fishing Equipment & License *
_______  Flashlight - With extra batteries & bulb. Waterproof best.
_______  Garbage Bags - 4-5 large for keeping things dry on river.
_______  Head Lamp *
_______  Knife - small pocket knife. If you have your 'totten chip' *
_______  Mess Kit / Plastic plate & Bowl
_______  Sleeping Bag - Packed in dry bag, or 2 layers of trash bags.
_______  Sleeping Pad
_______  Sun Glasses - With Strap.
_______  Toilet Paper
_______  Towel (Large) - quick drying type best.
_______  Water Bottle - Two 1 qt bottles, full.
_______  Whistle
_______  Zip Lock™ Bags - 4-5 One gallon size for misc items on river.

Personal Items

_______  First Aid Kit (Small)
_______  Insect Repellent
_______  Lip Balm
_______  Prescription Medications *
_______  Snacks - Peanuts, raisins, energy bars, candy, cheese, jerky, etc., in moderation.
_______  Sunscreen
_______  Tampons/sanitary napkins  (females only)  *
_______  Toilet Kit

Group Gear

_______  2.5 Gallon water containers - One per 4 People. Full.
_______  Backpacking Stove - 1 per 3-4 people.
_______  Canoe - With Paddles. 2 boys to a canoe. Many may have one to loan.
_______  Cleaning Gear - Including scouring pad, small containers of bleach and biodegradable detergent.
_______  Cooking Pots - Size and number depends on menu.
_______  Food
_______  Lantern (Large) - With fuel source. *
_______  Maps - If available. Water proof, or in waterproof case. *
_______  Repair Kit *
_______  Rope - Parachute cord, good for all sorts of things. A few feet at least.
_______  Serving Utensils - Optional depending on menu. Ladle, spatula, serving spoon *
_______  Shovel (Small)
_______  Stove Fuel
_______  Tent - With waterproof ground cloth. One tent per 2 boys.
_______  Water Purification Tablets *
_______  Water Purifier

* Optional Item

* We need to travel light. Otherwise the boats are hard to handle.
* Pack in 2 or three smaller packs, easier to retrieve if canoe flips.
* Pack thinks that can get wet in web pack (mesh). They will get put on the bottom of the canoe.
* Don't put everything in dry bags since they can get torn, and anything in the bottom of the boat can get wet regardless.

Please Note:  This is only a recommended minimum set of equipment based on the past experiences of many individuals. We do not guarantee that it is all inclusive or appropriate for the activities you are planning. The trip leader, and common sense should always dictate the equipment you actually pack.
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