Rock Climbing

Packing List

Climate: Rainforest
Season: Spring
Duration: Day Trip

This list would be used for a day of guided outdoor rock climbing.


_______  Climb On Safely Guidlines - Needed by adults only.
_______  Copy of Insurance Card - Photocopy of front and back of insurance card.
_______  Outfitter Permission Slip

Provided by Outfitter

_______  Climbing Hardware
_______  Climbing Harness
_______  Climbing Helmet
_______  Climbing Rope


_______  Gloves (Liner) *
_______  Gloves/Mittens (Warm) *
_______  Hat (Brim)
_______  Hiking Boots
_______  Hiking Pants (Long) - Zipper pants work well.
_______  Leather Gloves
_______  Long Underwear (Mid Weight) *
_______  Rain Gear
_______  Shirt (Long Sleeve)
_______  Shirt (Short Sleeve, Wicking )
_______  Socks (Heavy) - Liner & wool, or Smartwool work well.


_______  Camera *
_______  Camera Tripod - Small (6") one for digital camera works great. *
_______  Day Pack
_______  Jacket/Fleece
_______  Sun Glasses *
_______  Water Bottle

Personal Items

_______  First Aid Kit (Small) *
_______  Lip Balm
_______  Lunch *
_______  Prescription Medications *
_______  Snacks - Peanuts, raisins, energy bars, candy, cheese, jerky, etc. *
_______  Tampons/sanitary napkins  (females only)  *

Group Gear

_______  Insect Repellent
_______  Shovel (Small) - Need depends on facilities. *
_______  Sunscreen
_______  Tick Kit - Includes tweezers, small magnifying glass, small container to store tick in (to take to doctor), and also some medical alcohol wipes. Need depends on location. *
_______  Toilet Paper - Need depends on facilities. *

* Optional Item

Leaders are responsible for ensuring that "Climb On Safely" guidelines are followed, and the required number of trained leaders are present.

Please Note:  This is only a recommended minimum set of equipment based on the past experiences of many individuals. We do not guarantee that it is all inclusive or appropriate for the activities you are planning. The trip leader, and common sense should always dictate the equipment you actually pack.
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