Wilderness First Aid Kit

Packing List

Climate: Rainforest
Season: Fall
Duration: 0 to 5 Nights

When you are in the back country, accidents happen, and making sure you are prepared cab be a matter of life and death. Make sure you have sufficient training to handle likely emergencies and carry the right equipment. The contents of a first aid will vary based on the activity and your medical training, but here are a few items we think should be included in your kit.

Basic Equipment

_______  ACE Bandage - Support for sprains
_______  CPR Breathing Barrier - one-way valve to help with rescue breathing, protecting the rescuer from vomit and body secretions during CPR procedures.
_______  First Aid Manual - Small book covering first aid basics.
_______  Multi Tool - With pliers, wire cutters, serrated blade, screw drivers, etc.
_______  Notebook & Pen/Pencil - Keep track of medications given temperature, etc. Write down symptoms when sending someone for help.
_______  Safety Pins - Good for creating slings, and general fastening.
_______  Scissors
_______  Snake Bite Kit
_______  Space Blanket
_______  Syringe (Large) - Without needle, for wound irrigation.
_______  Tick Kit - Includes tick tweezers, small magnifying glass, small container to store tick in (to take to doctor), and also some medical alcohol wipes.
_______  Tweezers (Sharp) - Sharp point, for removing splinters, cleaning wounds, etc.


_______  Accident & Rescue Request Form - Method of recording issues, treatment, and requests.
_______  Adhesive Tape
_______  Antibacterial Ointment - For minor scratches
_______  Antihistamine
_______  Band-Aids
_______  Band-Aids (Blister Blocker) - Good to stop hot spots before they turn into blisters. *
_______  Bee Sting Ointment/Pen *
_______  Burn Cream
_______  Cut Closure Strips - (Steri-Strips™) Thin strips that are stuck or glued on to hold a wound closed.
_______  Duct Tape - Can be used for creating splints & casts.
_______  Gauze - Good for padding, and wound absorption.
_______  Gauze Pads or Sponges - For protecting larger wounds.
_______  Gloves (Latex)
_______  Hot-Cold Packs - Instance chemical based packs.
_______  Liquid Band Aids - Much better than normal band aids when on the trail. Super Glue can also be used for wound closure in emergencies.
_______  Moleskin - For blister protection
_______  Non Stick Pads
_______  Sam Splint
_______  Soap (mild) - mild non antibacterial soap or baby shampoo for wound cleaning. (antibacterial soap can be too harsh on open wounds)
_______  Sunscreen
_______  Towelettes (Moist) - For cleanup
_______  Towelettes Alcohol - For prep-work
_______  Water Purification Tablets - Kept as a backup source for clean water.
_______  Zip Lock™ Bags - Useful for dry storage of kit contents, wound irrigation, or to hold used supplies.


_______  Antacid Tablets
_______  Baby Asprin - Blood Thinner, Heart Attack
_______  Benadryl - Antihistamine
_______  Ibuprofen - For general pains, joint stiffness, etc.
_______  Imodium A-D - Anti diarrheal medication
_______  Laxative
_______  Povidone-Iodine - General purpose antiseptic
_______  Prescription Medications - Any meds you are currently taking. *
_______  Vicodin - for pain. Get personal prescription from your doctor. *

* Optional Item

Please Note:  This is only a recommended minimum set of equipment based on the past experiences of many individuals. We do not guarantee that it is all inclusive or appropriate for the activities you are planning. The trip leader, and common sense should always dictate the equipment you actually pack.
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