Weekend Backpacking Trip

Packing List

Climate: Inland
Season: Fall
Duration: 1 to 3 Nights

This list would be appropriate for a typical short term backpacking trip where you are with a group of people and typically not more than a few hours walking if help were needed. Possibility of fishing along the way.


_______  Bandana or Handkerchief - Many uses, including first aid. *
_______  Change of Clothing - Leave in car so you can go home clean and dry. *
_______  Down Slippers *
_______  Gators - Useful to keep scree, bugs, twigs, and snow out of your boots. *
_______  Gloves (Liner) *
_______  Gloves/Mittens (Warm) *
_______  Hat (Brim) - Wide brimmed hat to protect the skin from the sun. *
_______  Hat (Knit) - Polypro hats work well. Not just for winter, good for cool evenings. *
_______  Hiking Boots - Gortex boots work well, no tennis shoes. Boots should be water treated.
_______  Hiking Pants (Long) - Hiking pants with removable legs are best. No Blue Jeans as they don't dry out well at all.
_______  Hiking Pants (Shorts) - If zipper pants are used, these are not needed. Long pants are always ok if you don't like shorts. *
_______  Jacket/Fleece - A fleece combined with a rain gear will eliminate the need for another jacket.
_______  Long Underwear (Mid Weight) - Mid weight Polypro under rain gear will really help if you get chilled.
_______  Rain Gear - Breathable Top and bottom, stay away from ponchos, they don't hold up. Also server as outer layer to keep out wind.
_______  Shirt (Heavy) - 1 heavy Polypro or wool for cool weather. *
_______  Shirt (Long Sleeve) *
_______  Shirt (Short Sleeve, Wicking ) - 2-3 shirts should be brought. Excellent base layer to keep the skin dry.
_______  Shoes (lightweight) - It usually feels good to get out of your boots at the end of the day. *
_______  Sleeping Clothes - Only worn in sleeping bag. Helps keep sleeping bag clean. Shorts & Tee shirt work well. *
_______  Socks (Heavy) - 2 or 3 pair of Smartwool work well. Liners needed if wool socks are selected. No cotton socks.
_______  Socks (Liner) - May not be needed depending on heavy sock type. *
_______  Underwear - Quick dry wicking variety better than cotton.


_______  Backpack - 3000-6000 cu in. Internal or External frame ok. Hip belt required.
_______  Backpack Cover - A garbage bag will work in a pinch. Always bring if there is a chance of rain or snow.
_______  Books *
_______  Camera *
_______  Camera Tripod - Small (6") one for digital camera works great. *
_______  Compass
_______  Compression Sacks - For sleeping bag, clothing, etc. *
_______  Cup - Large unbreakable type also serves as bowl.
_______  Day Pack *
_______  Eating Utensils - Unbreakable type work best. Depending on the menu, a spoon is usually all you need.
_______  Fishing Equipment & License *
_______  Flashlight - With extra batteries and bulbs. Bring two if you don't pack a headlamp.
_______  Garbage Bags - 3 for Misc. use.
_______  Hand Sanitizer
_______  Head Lamp *
_______  Hiking Poles - Can be used for rain fly to reduce weight. *
_______  Hydration Bladder - Always bring if water sources are going to be scarce. 2 quart a good size. *
_______  Knife - A small one is all you need.
_______  Lighter / Water Proof Matches - Piezoelectric lighters don't work well above 9,000 feet.
_______  Notebook & Pen/Pencil *
_______  Sleeping Bag - Down compresses better for an internal frame pack. Down or fiber both work with an external frame pack. Down must be kept dry!. Keep sleeping bag in a garbage bags to keep it dry.
_______  Sleeping Pad - Therma-rest™ works great.
_______  Soap - Biodegradable *
_______  Straps to Attach Sleeping Bag - Only needed when using external frame pack *
_______  Stuff Sacks - Small for misc. items, and medium for food. *
_______  Sun Glasses *
_______  Tent - One man for adults, two man for boys. 2 boys can share. Screen interior walls not ideal if high wind or snow expected.
_______  Tick Kit - Includes tweezers, small magnifying glass, small container to store tick in (to take to doctor), and also some medical alcohol wipes. *
_______  Toilet Paper
_______  Water Bottle - 2 to 3 one quart Nalgene™ bottles work well. 2 usually sufficient if you bring a hydration bladder as well. More in dry areas.
_______  Zip Lock™ Bags - 3 large for food and garbage

Personal Items

_______  First Aid Kit (Small) - A small personal kit with blister control items.
_______  Food - The backpacking dinners "for 2" are usually about the right size for one person.
_______  Gold Bond Powder - To prevent Chafing *
_______  Hand warmer (chemical) - 2-4 packets handy. *
_______  Lip Balm
_______  Pee Bottle (a.k.a. Thunder Jar)  (males only)  *
_______  Prescription Medications *
_______  Search & Rescue Card - If available in your state. Included on some fishing licenses. *
_______  Tampons/sanitary napkins  (females only)  *
_______  Toilet Kit - No deodorant on trail, it attracts bears. Include personal medications.
_______  Towel (Small) *

Group Gear

_______  Backpacking Stove - 1 per 2-3 hikers.
_______  Bear Bag - Waterproof bags are best, and it is not just bears that you worry about.
_______  Bear Repellent - Always a good idea if Bears frequent the area. *
_______  Binoculars *
_______  Bucket (Collapsible) *
_______  Cooking Pots - 1 per stove.
_______  Emergency fire starter
_______  First Aid Kit (Large) - Sometimes one well stocked larger first aid kit is better than each team member packing their own.
_______  GPS - With extra batteries. (Mark car location!) *
_______  Insect Repellent - Know what bugs to expect where you are going. *
_______  Lantern (Small) *
_______  Maps - Not everyone needs a set of maps, but there should be at least two sets in case the group needs to split up for some reason.
_______  Rain Fly *
_______  Repair Kit - Include a small multi-tool in kit.
_______  Rope - 50 feet of parachute cord.
_______  Shovel (Small) - Small lightweight. 1 or 2 per group. Used in conjunction with toilet paper if permitted in area.
_______  Stove Fuel - Bring extra if cold temps expected, or you will be melting snow.
_______  Sunscreen
_______  Water Bladder (Large ) - Good when water is scarce. 3 quart or larger. *
_______  Water Purification Tablets *
_______  Water Purifier - 1 per 2-3 hikers is sufficient.

* Optional Item

Please Note:  This is only a recommended minimum set of equipment based on the past experiences of many individuals. We do not guarantee that it is all inclusive or appropriate for the activities you are planning. The trip leader, and common sense should always dictate the equipment you actually pack.
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