Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

Can I follow on Twitter?

Yes, you can see the latest posts at

Items are missing when I print from Firefox, what should I do?

There is currently an issue when printing in Firefox if you have the page setting set to "Shrink To Fit Page Width". When this is set, portions of the list may not print. To work around this, set the scale to 90% as opposed to "Shrink To Fit Page Width", and the items should print.

Who Creates this content, and why?

The content for this site comes from 2 sources.

1) For generic lists, the collective experience of a number of Scouters and others experienced in the outdoors is compiled. The primary person in charge of this is a former Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster who basically found himself giving the same talks to new parents each year, and decided there had to be a better way.

2) For BSA high adventure bases, we have attempted to create a list that is faithful to the lists published by the bases. In these cases, you should always use the information supplied by the base as the authoritative source.

In either case, common sense always is the final authority.

Can I trust the Lists?

We do everything in our power to provide accurate lists based on the activities, season, and climates you select, but common sense and the trip leader always have the final word. You should only use these lists as recommendations and a starting point for your adventure.

Can I hold you liable if something critical is missing from a list?

No. You can however yell at yourself. Remember, we try to make these as complete as possible, but we miss things, computers mess up, etc. Do your homework, Be Prepared!

Are your lists specific to BSA locations such as Philmont authoritative?

No. They were compiled as of a point in time, and the various bases can and do change their requirements periodically. You should always use the documentation from the base as the final list. That being said, we do attempt to keep our lists as accurate as possible. If you see a problem, please feel free to contact us.

How should I use your lists for a BSA base event?

The list can be used as you are getting started to help make sure you have what you need. In addition, the comments we place on the lists and the detailed descriptions available for each item will help you in your purchasing decisions.

Can I submit a list to the site?

Certainly! To do this, send us a note through the contact system explaining what the list would be appropriate for and we will respond with further instructions.

Will I be compensated for lists I submit?

No, but you will get a warm feeling that you have given something back to Scouting!

How do I make the printouts look better?

In your browser settings, you can specify margins, and various header and footer content including such things as URL, page number, date printed, etc. Since we are using the browser to print, we inherit these settings. If you don’t want them on your printouts, modify the browser setting as appropriate.

In Firefox, you get to this by File, Page Setup, and then select the “Margins & Header/Footer” tab.

In Microsoft IE: Select the Printer icon, and select page setup.

Does the place depicted on the site banner really exist?

Absolutely, and it is one of our favorite places to backpack! The drawing is based on a photograph taken at Cactus Park, showing Big Dominguez Canyon in the foreground, and Grand Mesa in the background.

The trail at the bottom of Big Dominguez Canyon is between 15-17 miles long, with good water year round. You can fish, see mountain goats, cactus, and very interesting rock formations. May/June and September/October are the premium times to hike the canyon. Cactus Park is the only practical place to enter the canyon apart from the bridge where it dumps into the Gunnison River, or the Forest Service campground to the west. Be careful however, the first 1/2 mile of trail out of Cactus Park must drop around 500 feet to intersect the trail.

Grand Mesa is the world's largest flattop mountain, and it is covered with pine trees and lakes. Fishing is wonderful in the summer, and 10+ feet of snow make for some interesting winter adventures.

These two places are within sight of each other, yet they are over 5,000 feet apart from an elevation standpoint. The equipment required for adventures in these two places is very different, and it is that sort of dilemma that led us to create this site. If you want to plan a trip to the Grand Mesa, select Mountains for the climate, but for Dominguez Canyon, use High Desert. Remember, be prepared for the adventures that await!

Oh yea, if this area sounds intriguing, it can be found around 20 miles south of Grand Junction Colorado. Print your list, pack your gear, and maybe we will see you on the trail!

You can see the original photograph at or on the banner of our Facebook site.

Why are some of the ads a little inappropriate?

Targeting ads can be a bit tricky as sometimes advertisers mis-categorize their items, our search terms are a bit to vague, or your past browsing history has an impact on what is shown. We have done our best to handle these situations, but there is no perfect way to handle these situations, and things are likely to slip through. In general, we have tried to target the ads to things you will actually want, and hope you find value in them. They are the primary source of income for the site, and we hope you will visit them when reviewing or purchasing gear.

How does ScoutList make money?

There is no charge for accessing ScoutLists, but we place ads to help us offset some of the costs. Some of the ads are general and others are targeted towards specific pieces of gear. We get a small commission if you purchase something by clicking through one of the ads, and that helps us offset our development and hosting expenses. Your patronage of the advertisers is appreciated, but you are in no way obligated to use them.

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