Gear Advice: Flashlight

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Lighting has come a long way in the last 15 years, but the basic requirements for backpacking are still the same. You need a source of light that is reliable, waterproof, light weight, and long lasting. Having one that does not accidentally turn on in your pack is also a plus.

Bulb type also needs to be considered. Halogen will give you more light, but LEDs will last much longer.

Bill’s Choice

My primary light source has become a headlamp, but I do still carry at least one flashlight in my pack, just in case. The only light I carry is a Mini Mag. These things are inexpensive, run on two AA batteries, carry an extra bulb, are waterproof, and very reliable. I do not buy anything else. The 3D + 2AA combo pack makes a great present as well. One for the car, one for the pack.

Note that the 3D does NOT go in the pack, especially when backpacking!

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