Gear Advice: Flashlight

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Lighting has come a long way in the last 15 years, but the basic requirements are still the same. You need a source of light that is reliable, waterproof, light weight, and long lasting. Having one that does not accidentally turn on in your pack is also a plus.

Bulb type also needs to be considered. Halogen will give you more light, but LEDs will last much longer.

Bill’s Choice

My primary light source has become a headlamp, but I do still carry at least one flashlight in my pack, just in case. LED Mini Mags, or other high quality LED lights are generally inexpensive and run on AA batteries. Extra bulbs are no longer needed when you go with LEDs.

Note: I tend to stay away from rechargeable flashlights when in the field as the chargers tend to be proprietary, and it is easy to pack extra AA or AAA batteries.

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