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I have included this section in deference to my Colorado backpacking partner Tim, as he fancies himself a fisherman. I have yet to be treated to a nice brown trout for dinner on one of our trips, but I have no doubt that it will one day come about. In all fairness, most of our trips have not been near good fishing rivers, but hopefully that will change. I am not an expert on this subject and have not caught a fish in a good number of years, but I would like to make some observations. Make sure you get a collapsible fishing pole, and place it in/on your pack such that it can not get caught up on trees and bushes. I suspect that bears may be attracted to your bait, so put it in the bear bag, and don’t sleep in the clothes you clean the fish in! Also, make sure you know the fishing laws for the area you are packing in. In some states, any child under 16 can fish without a license, but their limits are lower. Check, and carry your license if required.

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