Gear Advice: First Aid Kit (Small)

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A good first aid kit is essential to a pack trip, but knowing how to use it, and how to deal with medical emergencies is even more important. Make sure that someone in your group has some experience with this as getting hurt in the back country can easily turn into a major problem.

The spall or personal first aid kit may include is really for every day issues including splinters, blisters, aches & pains, burns, etc.

When on North Manitou Island, the ranger gave a good talk explaining how things you do every day at home could become life threatening on the island. He gave a story about a pickup game of baseball done using sticks and rocks. You can imagine the rest. When something like that happens miles from the road, out of cell coverage, 911 is not an option. Play it safe when on the trail.

Bill's Choice

I run the REI's "Hikers first aid kit", and have included a number of extra medications (lots of Ibuprofen), Band-Aid Blister Block Cushions, second skin, various ointments, etc.

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