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Cups you say? Yes, I want to discuss drinking cups. Things to consider in a cup: Does it work well with hot and cold liquids? A metal cup does not work that well with hot drinks. Will it take abuse, and still look presentable? No one wants to drink from a disgusting looking cup, and some of the clear plastic cups look rather bad after a couple of days on the trail. Can it be used as a measuring cup? Is it large enough to be used as a bowl? Just a few things to consider.

Bill’s Choice

I have two cups. One is the standard green plastic measuring cup that came in every mess kit in the 70’s. It is cheap, light weight, has ¼ cup marking molded into it, and is very sturdy. I do not drink from this cup, as it is used for dipping when with a group. Even though mess kits are hard to come by these days, you can still buy the plastic cups. Good ideas just don’t go away.

For drinking, or eating for that matter, I have a white thick walled large mouth white plastic cup I bought at REI some years ago. I don’t see them there any longer, and you can not have mine. One of the nice features is the large handle that can be clipped to a carabineer. This was the only dish I used on a 10 day pack trip at Philmont.

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