Gear Advice: Bucket (Collapsible)

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Some times it is not easy to sit on the side of a stream to pump water, and a collapsible bucket is very useful. You can dip the bucket and move it to a safe place to pump, or you can let the water settle in the bucket to reduce the silt content. This really helps with filter life. We had one water source at Philmont that involved climbing down a 3 foot embankment, and this worked well there. On another trip to North Manitou Island in Lake Michigan, it worked very well for getting water from Lake Michigan as well as the inland lake. If you are hiking along a small stream it is not really necessary, but it is great when you are getting water from a lake.

Bill’s Choice

I have a 1 gallon unit made of a PCV based material. It has a handle sewn into the top to make it easy to dip. We usually send in the youngest member of the trip to get the water from the lake.

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