Select your packing list!

You've selected Backpacking as your activity, Summer as your season, and Mountains as your climate. That's all there is to it! We've got a few packing lists available for you that match your selections.

Select your list below, and get packing!

Philmont: Expedition

The classic Philmont's High-Adventure trip. 7-12 day expeditions offered in the mountains of northern New Mexico each June-August.

Philmont: Mountain Trek

Designed specifically for the sons and daughters of Training Center conference participants. These supervised treks coincide with the conference center schedules and provide 20-30 miles of back country hiking.

Weekend Backpacking Trip

This list would be appropriate for a typical short term backpacking trip where you are with a group of people and typically not more than a few hours walking if help were needed. Possibility of fishing along the way.

Wilderness First Aid Kit

When you are in the back country, accidents happen, and making sure you are prepared cab be a matter of life and death. Make sure you have sufficient training to handle likely emergencies and carry the right equipment. The contents of a first aid will vary based on the activity and your medical training, but here are a few items we think should be included in your kit.

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