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ScoutLists.com was first envisioned by Bill, a Scoutmaster who found himself giving the same information to dozens of new scouts and their parents each year. The questions were very important, but not really new:

  • What does my son need for this campout?
  • Will the $3 plastic poncho work for backpacking
  • What sort of sleeping bag should he bring?
  • Does he need a duffle bag, backpack, or will a suitcase work?
  • Does he need his own tent?
  • Does he have enough clothing to stay warm?
  • Should I send extra Blue Jeans?
  • Should I send one of my frying pans with him?

It is a very unique experience to see a scout pull out a 10” copper frying pan from his backpack after hiking 7 miles of trail and gaining 3,000 feet of elevation! (True Story)

Like most scoutmasters, he created standard lists that would be handed out for each event, and he gave talks, over and over, and over again. He would remind the scouts prior to the meeting to use the packing list, but then he would tell them about the non standard things that this event would need. Of course, scouts would loose the lists handed out at the meeting, most often they would forget about the special instructions, and the parents would be none the wiser. Frequently scouts would show up for a winter campout with tennis shoes and jeans, and they would need to be sent home. Of course he always carried extra gear, trying to anticipate what the scouts would forget.

There had to be a better way.

But it was actually worse than that. If you are in the mountains of Colorado during February, the equipment you would need would be somewhat different than if you were in the eastern plains or the desert canyons in the western portion of the state. In the east, the seashore, the mountains of the Shenandoah or the high plateau of West Virginia’s Dolly Sods were all within striking distance for a weekend event, and again, the gear needed in each environment was unique. How to keep it all straight…….

The idea started like this:

It dawned on him that each piece of gear may be required, optional, or unneeded depending on the activity you are doing, when you are doing it, and where you are doing it. For instance, warm mittens would be required in the mountains of Colorado during the winter, but optional in the spring/fall, and not needed in the summer. But if you were in the desert in the winter, they really are optional, but not if you are in the high desert. Of course, in the costal regions, may never need them. So many things to consider!

We did the work for you!

With the help of friends, family, and other Scouters, Bill put together a team that defined almost 70,000 data points around when a piece of gear is needed/optional/unneeded for a given activity, in a given climate, during a given season, and a way was created to give you, the adventurer, a simple way to access that data to generate a packing list that we think will be appropriate for what you are doing, where you are doing it, and when you are going.

Go Ahead, Give it a try! It’s easy!

So take us for a spin. Hit the home button, and decide where you want to start. Begin the journey! In a few clicks, you will have the list of things you need to help make your adventure a success.

Enjoy the Journey!

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